19 August 2008

Hacking the smgl-0.10.0-test3.iso

I'm maintaining my scripts on Google Code.
Just look the importiso.sh and exportiso.sh files at http://code.google.com/p/bertux/source/browse/trunk/shell/ to see their latest versions.
You have to run them as root, if you don't put enough arguments you will see the command usage.

10 February 2008

Second try : VMware Workstation 6 on my Dell laptop

After discussing a lot on #sourcemage about virtualization software to test SourceMage on Linux, i've decided to try first VMware Workstation which i've already installed the 6.0.2 build-59824 version by official rpm on my laptop Dell Precision M90 running Fedora 8.
I'm beginning my tests on Linux guests with VMware because it seems to be the most efficient when you read tests done by others.
And of course, if my VM runs well i will make it available on a torrent tracker.
First results will be precised in the next post ...

Trying on Parallels Desktop of my MacBook

My first try was with the Parallels Desktop 3 i've bought for my MacBook which have Intel VT included the Intel CPU for hardware acceleration of the virtualization.
After creating and booting the VM on the devel install ISO, i've seen periodic warning messages echoed on the console talking about timeouts so i've discussed about it on #sourcemage but i didn't a get a simple fix so i've stopped it and have decided to test it on my others systems.
So let's go to the second try ...

Begin of my magic linux experiment

Now a new devel iso of SourceMage Linux is needing extensive testing on as much hardware as possible so i've decided to dedicate this blog to my experiment of SourceMage Linux on my different hardware and my different virtualization systems.
I will try to make available my images as torrents.
See you on #sourcemage for happy chatting about that new devel iso.