31 August 2009

Google Code repository migrated from Subversion to Mercurial

I've just migrated my Google Code repository to Mercurial because it's more modern and permits local commits before pushing by HTTPS.
So now to get my opensource bin directory i have just to run:
hg clone https://bertux.googlecode.com/hg/ ~/bin
When i've a new script to push to Google Code, i can first add and commit it locally without needing network by running:
hg add ~/bin/new-script.sh
hg commit -m "new script"
And when i've internet access to Google Code by HTTPS, i have to run:
hg push
And with hg it's simpler to fork from it like with git.
See you next time.

23 May 2009

My shell scripts at Google Code

I now use my new shell script bin-update.sh to update my home's bin directory from my Google Code subversion repository so it stays synchronized on every host I've a shell account.
I've restructured it to be more useful quickly.
The only 3 commands i've to run to create my home's bin directory on a new host are:
  • svn checkout \ http://bertux.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/bin/ ~
  • chmod +x ~/bin/bin-update.sh
  • bin-update.sh
The first script i use on a new synchronized host i manage is ssh-password-disable.sh because it disables automatically password authentication on the ssh service and reload its configuration.

Have a good day browsing opensource code!

22 May 2009

Updating my installed Gnome Develope Kit (GDK)

Here are the commands i had to run to make conary able to update my GDK:
sudo conary erase kdelibs gtk-qt-engine
sudo conary erase soprano strigi clucene
sudo conary update -libtool=@rpl:2-qa +libtool=@fl:2 --no-deps
sudo conary updateall